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Humor I shall make no bones about the fact that this request is purely filler material, but such threads have been a success in years past. Dear OSNews readers please furnish us with your wondrous and diverse desktop screenshots and machine specifications! Considering that I have used the same wallpaper and platform since 2006, there is no great insight that I can bring to the table. Also, whilst I'm here--OSNews Asks: How have mobile OSes changed your habits this year?
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RE: Lots of Docky users
by tupp on Sat 1st Jan 2011 06:28 UTC in reply to "Lots of Docky users"
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There sure seem to be a lot of Docky users here.

I see a lot more screenshots showing built-in task-bar/docks and other independent task-bar/docks than I see Docky users.

I tried it few months ago on Ubuntu 10.10, absolutely hated it. Felt like a really really bad nock-off of the OSX dock.

Really? I was forced to use the OSX dock once again while working on a project earlier this month, and I found it to be a really sorry knock-off of the Looking Glass dock:

Furhtermore, I found it inferior to pretty much every other dock/task-bar that I have ever used, and I have used a lot of them, both built-in and independent.

It does look similar, but seriously lacking in functionality.

Okay. Exactly what functionality does Docky lack?

Ubuntu 10.10 with the netbook desktop is really rough, but I think it has promise. The dock like thing seems to work well. I like that is IS NOT a bad rip-off of the OSX dock, that it has its own way of doing things that essentially work.

Please keep in mind two things:
1. Linux and all of its numerous GUI elements is not Ubuntu (nor Gnome). Ubuntu represents only a minute fraction of what is possible with *nix GUIs.
2. Exactly who is getting "ripped-off" is by no means certain. The first GUI dock appeared in the Three Rivers Perq, which was released in 1980 (four years before the first Mac): The next version of the dock appeared in Windows 1.01 in 1985: There were many other non-Apple/non-Next versions, prior to the first OSX version.

I just wish they would eventually get drag n drop menu/toolbar management working even half ass right in Gnome.

Haven't used Gnome in a while. Please explain.

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