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Having the browser/webserver as the next generation SDK/API is an interesting thought.

Going back to the early days of the transition from the command-line to the graphical user interface, much was said about the "device browser" a.k.a. "Finder" in the Mac world and "File Manager/Explorer" in the Microsoft world. Much was also said about the BeOS Tracker and how great it was to the point of being a distinctive feature of BeOS.

In essence, the browsing/exploring concept, coupled with search engines, apps servers/stores, content servers/stores, and the safe handling of active content allow web resources to be treated in similar ways as local resources. This from a very user-centric horizon.

Anyways, the cloud concept has some appeal - although in my mind, the "home hosting base" should be home, not in half-way accross the world. Doubt this would be practical with a dial-up connection ;)

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