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Windows Sunday night saw the release of several screenshots of Longhorn Build 5203. Many questions arose, in particular on Microsoft's Longhorn newsgroups. Mike Brannigan from Microsoft has taken the liberty to have tried to answer everyone's questions, questions often repeatedly asked.
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Talk about off topic
by Morgul on Thu 14th Jul 2005 22:23 UTC
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Talk about off topic, jeez. People have been arguing about 'Longhorn this, Longhorn that." The WHOLE point of the article is simply to get the facts straight about build 5203. Here's the deal: If you care, read it. If you don't, shut up, and go elsewhere. This is not the place to have your petty flame wars. I for one am glad Longhorn has most of it's features, and I'm excited enough about it to apply to be a beta tester... and I'm an avid Linux user. (I use linux EVERY day).

Point blank: Longhorn is windows next version. If you want a say in what goes into it, become a beta tester, and give feedback. If you think that more needs to be done, and it's 'obvious', tell them so. Otherwise, please, go install [insert other OS here].

(I don't mean to be an @$$, but people, grow up, ok?)


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