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OSNews, Generic OSes What were the big themes this year? Which stories on OSNews were the most popular? We dove into our database (well, Adam did), and compiled a list of 2010's ten most popular stories on OSNews. As a metric, we didn't look at silly things like hits or whatever, but at the only metric that matters on OSNews, the only metric which really indicates what our registered (and thus, loyal) readers loved to argue about this year: number of comments. Yes, that headline is intentionally confusing.
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[previous quote]I still think it is pathetic that Windows and Mac don't have live icons like OS/2 (now eComStation) has. Meaning that if you create a "shortcut" to a file or program and move that file or program the shortcut will follow it and always work. Where, with Windows and OS X and Linux and ... they don't.[end previousquote]

[quote]You're wrong on that point regarding OS X. Read up on HFS aliases or just try moving a file that you have a shortcut too on the desktop. The shortcut continues to work.[/quote]

You're correct. OK, Windows still doesn't have live links. Talk about still being in the dark ages.

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