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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You may not have noticed it, but in the past six months, we've been experiencing a true massacre. Not one written in blood, but one written in microchips and touchscreen displays. The scene of the crime? The United States. The perpetrator? Google's Android. The victims? Everybody else.
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RE: iPhone on Verizon
by mtzmtulivu on Tue 4th Jan 2011 02:35 UTC in reply to "iPhone on Verizon"
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- I'm tired of the crapware that carriers are shoving into OTA stock ROMs, and the OEMs who are putting custom 'trinkets' on top that I don't want. And to get a custom ROM with just vanilla Android and WITHOUT all the crap, you have to wait for your device to get rooted, and then wade through a bunch of half-finished custom ROMs, where random features (such as wifi and GPS) don't work. I know a lot of people get off on this kind of thing and that's fine, but it's just not how I'd like to spend my free time. (Of course, the quality of custom ROMs probably depends on which phone you have, which is a problem in itself.

As for the ideological 'Steve controls everything', that's what jailbreaking is for ;) .

Inst there a little bit of irrational fanboyism here?

Dont you see an inconsistency in your statements? You are giving apple a pass on a stronghold they have on the device because you can root ios devices, but you are hard on android devices on the stronghold carries have when you can still root them too.

Of course, I'm not an Android hater and realize that it's infinitely more customizable, but rarely (if ever) do I use any of that stuff, such as the battery-draining widgets that most folks seem to be enthralled with. I've played with my dad's iPad and for the most part, I like the way it works out of the box, so there isn't much I'd want/need to change.

You most likely arent, but if you dont know, you are most likely high on what ever steve jobs dishes out and in his sales pitches you have an apologetic view of apple products and a critical view of their competitors and hence you will always have an opinion that apple products are always better.

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