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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You may not have noticed it, but in the past six months, we've been experiencing a true massacre. Not one written in blood, but one written in microchips and touchscreen displays. The scene of the crime? The United States. The perpetrator? Google's Android. The victims? Everybody else.
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So what's this about?
by mrhasbean on Tue 4th Jan 2011 02:36 UTC
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Is this attempting to say "Look! Android's better than iPhone 'cause it's outselling it!!!"? We all know the fallacy of that argument.

Is it saying "Apple's dooooooooooomed!!!!! Android's going to kill iOS and Apple's gonna shrivel and DIE SUCKERS!"? Surely nobody is that stupid?

For those suggesting carrier lock-in with a single carrier is having no impact, check out the markets where iPhone and Android devices are both available on multiple carriers. I think both will end up with sizeable, and similar, shares of the market over time. Keep in mind we're really yet to see second generation Android buyers. How well will Android powered devices hold on to current non-techy users after they've been through some of the issues mentioned in this very forum by someone who uses an Android device on a daily basis?

There's a lot to play out in this game yet, but at the end I really think both will be big players with similar followings. Only time will tell...

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