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Games Ah, OnLive. This company is trying to bring streaming gaming to the mainstream, and has has just announced a pretty significant partnership with Vizio, the US' largest LCD TV seller. Vizo TVs, smartphones, tablets, and Blu-Ray players will all come equipped, out of the box, with OnLive's streaming service.
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That's exactly my thinking.

If I buy a new TV I don't need crippled internet access because I have a htpc that does that already in the way I want (access to any webpage I want and not only what they offer). The way it is now it's useless.

Besides Vizio already announced last month that they may charge ($$$) for this service in the future.

Other companies will surely follow.

The sad thing that in a few years we will have problems finding new TVs without build-in 3D and internet services - don't want to pay for stuff I don't need!

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