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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You may not have noticed it, but in the past six months, we've been experiencing a true massacre. Not one written in blood, but one written in microchips and touchscreen displays. The scene of the crime? The United States. The perpetrator? Google's Android. The victims? Everybody else.
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RE: I lIke Android But...
by JAlexoid on Wed 5th Jan 2011 23:42 UTC in reply to "I lIke Android But..."
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it might not be soo good for my Mother or my aunt Mary

Yeah... That is why my very non-techie sister is asking to give my N1 to her. In fact, my 60 yo mother, that has issues with the DVD remote, has less issues with Android and iOS.(That does not sound good for the DVD remote designer, does it?)

SO I like Android BUT not enough to make a bad name for myself as a developer even accidentally

If your spelling and presentation are as bad as this post, you already have a "bad name".

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