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Windows And this is part two of the story: Microsoft has just confirmed the next version of Windows NT (referring to it as NT for clarity's sake) will be available for ARM - or more specifically, SoCs from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. Also announced today at CES is Microsoft Office for ARM. Both Windows NT and Microsoft Office were shown running on ARM during a press conference for the fact at CES in Las Vegas.
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RE[6]: enough bits?
by umccullough on Thu 6th Jan 2011 17:58 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: enough bits?"
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I think the confusion is that Windows is usually limited to only using 3Gbyte RAM, but using PAE allows it to use up to 4Gbyte (even in client versions). Also the AWE API can be used in the client versions to access that extra 1-2Gbyte of memory if needed. (

Perhaps that was how they did it with WinXP (I don't know, I've never used PAE mode on XP) because they needed a reason for people to upgrade later on, but on Windows Server 2000 Advanced Server/Datacenter Edition (yes, Win2k), I've seen PAE enabled to provide 16gb of RAM available to the OS *and* SQL Server (via AWE) - so I know you are wrong.

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