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Windows And this is part two of the story: Microsoft has just confirmed the next version of Windows NT (referring to it as NT for clarity's sake) will be available for ARM - or more specifically, SoCs from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. Also announced today at CES is Microsoft Office for ARM. Both Windows NT and Microsoft Office were shown running on ARM during a press conference for the fact at CES in Las Vegas.
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RE[5]: enough bits?
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 6th Jan 2011 19:34 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: enough bits?"
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A Windows client SKU won't address more than 4Gb of physical memory. This means that applications can't use those physical pages either.

This is simply wrong.

"Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) is a set of extensions that allows an application to quickly manipulate physical memory greater than 4GB. Certain data-intensive applications, such as database management systems and scientific and engineering software, need access to very large caches of data. In the case of very large data sets, restricting the cache to fit within an application's 2GB of user address space is a severe restriction. In these situations, the cache is too small to properly support the application.

AWE solves this problem by allowing applications to directly address huge amounts of memory while continuing to use 32-bit pointers. AWE allows applications to have data caches larger than 4GB (where sufficient physical memory is present). AWE uses physical nonpaged memory and window views of various portions of this physical memory within a 32-bit virtual address space."

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