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Apple After years of mixed signals, Apple has apparently opened the kimono on its enterprise intentions, announcing a "Mac in the Enterprise" campaign to help large businesses integrate Macs, iPhones, and iPads into their IT ecosystems, InfoWorld reports. "Apple's Mac focus here is particularly striking, unlike that on the iPhone, which has already made obvious inroads in the enterprise market thanks to Apple's delivery of business-class management capabilities. By contrast, the Mac's presence in the business world has been remarkably understated - despite the fact that the Mac population therein reportedly doubled between 2006 and 2008 and looks to grow even more this year."
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XServe? Rack Mount?
by sarahannalien on Thu 6th Jan 2011 22:44 UTC
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Gee, Steve, that's great that you want to make a commitment to the Enterprise market. Our ecosystem includes limited server room space, and rack mounting. Why did you kill the XServe, and what are you going to do to replace it? Running a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro is NOT an adequate or acceptable substitute. The Mac Mini is too small capability-wise, and the Mac Pro is too big physically. If you want to let us install OS X on non-Mac VM hosts, or license OS X Server to run on somebody else's hardware... or make a new 1U server... *then* we're in Business. Until then, please remember that "Enterprise" entails a large number of people who sit in their offices at their keyboards all day long, so fancy "Enterprise" phone-and-tablet management, no matter how impressive, will not catch our attention.

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