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Internet & Networking According to data compiled by StatCounter, Firefox overtook Internet Explorer (IE) as the dominant browser in Europe at the end of 2010. During December, 38.11% of internet page views involved Mozilla's Firefox web browser, whilst Internet Explorer fell back to second place with 37.52%.
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RE[4]: Too close to call a lead
by Googol on Fri 7th Jan 2011 08:25 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Too close to call a lead"
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BeOS lacked drivers !! and applications - an OS in itself is not good for anything at all. Dude, I must know, I bought all my hardware for BeOS back then, and stayed with the crappy Matrox for way too long!

Everybody was looking at BeOS back in the day, and they even gave it away for free the world around on CDs bundled with PC mags.

BeOS didn't take off, because it could not be used by too many people quite literally, be it for hardware reasons or usage scenarios. The teapot was cool, but not good for anything.

It didn't even have a proper browser for the longest time, even by the browser standards of the day. Even Scott Hacker (author of the BeOS bible) awoke to that fact only late - he once uttered amazement over at Benews about what the web had on offer after using an Apple for browsing for a change, insted of the trusted Net+...

Be Inc. just didn't put enough developers behind BEOS when they most needed them, and failed to gain 3rd party developer support.

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