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Internet & Networking According to data compiled by StatCounter, Firefox overtook Internet Explorer (IE) as the dominant browser in Europe at the end of 2010. During December, 38.11% of internet page views involved Mozilla's Firefox web browser, whilst Internet Explorer fell back to second place with 37.52%.
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RE: Chrome
by rif42 on Fri 7th Jan 2011 20:18 UTC in reply to "Chrome"
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"Mozilla would do well to focus on a new, badly covered market like email (making thunderbird the obvious #1 choice for corporate email)."

It took several years for Thunderbird 3 to arrive, but it works really well also for dealing with daily high volume.

However for corporate use everybody expect an email program to come with a calendar system. And here it falls apart. Mozilla has spend 7 years and they are still not ready with a version 1.0 of Sunbird/Lightning. The problem is that there have been put no resource priority on this, but it reflects badly on Thunderbird.

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