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Windows And this is part two of the story: Microsoft has just confirmed the next version of Windows NT (referring to it as NT for clarity's sake) will be available for ARM - or more specifically, SoCs from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. Also announced today at CES is Microsoft Office for ARM. Both Windows NT and Microsoft Office were shown running on ARM during a press conference for the fact at CES in Las Vegas.
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Agreed. Evolution. But it should be good evolution. No I don't have proof of that, but it just makes good business sense at this point... use what you have that is obviously working well for them at the moment. They can continue to work on "midori" or whatever else might be in the oven in the background using fewer resources until the time comes when they really NEED to out it.

I'd say midori is more a 'play ground' for the future once there is a movement away from win32 but that won't be for at least another 5-10 years at the earliest. There are lots of projects worked on that never really turn into complete end products - Microsoft has many projects on the go with the end result not necessarily turning the project into a product but what they learnt during the project being put into existing products.

Here is another cool article over at Neowin:

Now that is awesome; I hope that when they do open their 'application store' they put restrictions on it such as having to use the the latest Visual Studio and latest API's - forcing developers to upgrade their code so that applications look gorgeous on the desktop rather than the epitome of fugly as many today look like.

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