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AMD "On the same day that we learn VIA's Linux support is basically dead and after a troubling week for Intel with regards to open-source graphics support for their new Sandy Bridge CPUs, Advanced Micro Devices has come forward and released open-source graphics driver support for their AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards."
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Open source drivers sadly still suck ..
by RshPL on Sat 8th Jan 2011 04:06 UTC
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2009-03-13 According to Phoronix there is still a far far way to go for the open source drivers ... so does this mean that "AMD release the specs and we will make the drivers ourselves" group was wrong? I am for sure very happy with NVIDIA which has shown almost exemplary support throughout the years (minus some KDE4-related issues which took some time for them to fix) .. but I would be perfectly happy to jump on some open-source drivers wagon .. however even Intel who supposedly commited itself to Linux even before AMD made its decision, its open source drivers are even more pitiful. Try running some serious graphics on it and compare the results to Windows drivers. So is anybody actually happy with non-NVIDIA graphics cards on Linux and actualy doing serious and modern stuff with OpenGL?

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