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AMD "On the same day that we learn VIA's Linux support is basically dead and after a troubling week for Intel with regards to open-source graphics support for their new Sandy Bridge CPUs, Advanced Micro Devices has come forward and released open-source graphics driver support for their AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards."
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Nah, Michael as usual is blowing smoke for page hits and thinks that we should already be at zero day support with 90% of binary blob performance. But then he also thinks that there will be Steam and Unreal Tournament 3 for Linux any day now!

The community is doing a great job so far, they've gotten very far in the actual OpenGL implementation for the backlog of cards and is still working around the legal issues with the OpenGL 3 spec.

Currently they are only focusing on getting everything working on all R300+ cards and finalising Gallium3D before they can begin performance optimisation. Why get everything tweaked for performance with half the spec implemented only to have to redo half of the optimisation to get more features in place?

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