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General Development Popularized through its use in a number of well-known Web application services like GMail, Google Maps, Flickr, and, AJAX provides Web developers with a way of expanding the value and function of their Web applications by using asynchronous XML messaging. This article shows you how to implement a Web browser-based SOAP Web services client using the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) design pattern.
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RE: Amazing stuff AJAX
by edwdig on Sun 16th Oct 2005 03:28 UTC in reply to "Amazing stuff AJAX"
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but it shocks me people still push JSP which in the evolution of web programming is still dragging it's knuckles next to ASP or coldfusion, the mixing of content and presentation is the exercise in stupidity

Wait... within the same sentence you're promoting ColdFusion and then saying mixing content and presentation is bad?

ColdFusion is designed around mixing content and presentation. Ever hear a talk from Macromedia people? If someone asks them about adding features that would enhance the actual ColdFusion language, they fight it. They try very hard to avoid adding advanced features. You want integration with other Macromedia products? Sure. But, say, better OO ? Not if they can help it. Remember, they thought it was a good idea to release the first OO version of ColdFusion without the ability to call the superclass when you override a method.

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