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GNU, GPL, Open Source Some people swore to me that just because the free-software General Public License (GPL) clashes with the Apple App Store's Terms of Service (ToS), didn't mean that Apple would actually pull down GPLed apps. Well, Apple just did. Remi Denis-Courmont, a Linux developer of the popular VLC media player, has just announced that Apple had pulled the popular GPLed VLC media player from its App Store.
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RE: Please Explain
by mintar on Sun 9th Jan 2011 10:10 UTC in reply to "Please Explain"
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Also who cares what apple's ToS says?! I have seen GPL'd applications in most versions of Windows! and OSX. Quick remove them! Lets not enhance the peoples user experience with our free apps, but lets keep them for ourselves, but yeah they're "free"!!!

The difference between Windows/OSX and iOS is this: Under Windows, you have the freedom to modify and run any GPL'd program, and you can even redistribute it as you like (provided you also share the code). Under iOS, you can not: you need Apple's approval to do that. So this is a freedom that is taken away from you by Apple on purpose, and this clashes with the GPL.

It's not the case that Apple's TOS were somehow god-given, and that the GPL was intentionally designed to shut Apple out. On the contrary, the GPL was designed to stop people from ripping the developers off, and Apple chose their TOS in full knowledge that they are not compatible with the GPL.

Some people put a lot of hard work into VLC without being paid. They only did it on the condition that the result of their work is also distributed freely, because they don't want to get ripped off. The code is still theirs, and if you want to use or redistribute it, you have to respect their terms.

If you want to use free software on your device, then convince Apple to open their devices, or buy something else, like an Android phone.

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