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GNU, GPL, Open Source Some people swore to me that just because the free-software General Public License (GPL) clashes with the Apple App Store's Terms of Service (ToS), didn't mean that Apple would actually pull down GPLed apps. Well, Apple just did. Remi Denis-Courmont, a Linux developer of the popular VLC media player, has just announced that Apple had pulled the popular GPLed VLC media player from its App Store.
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It was not meant to be a flamebait, but my opinion.

Yes, I'm a proprietary software developer, herding my users as shee...
Wait what? How are these related? You should enlighten me about that.

I don't use GPL'ed software because I find the GPL license and the associated fanatic movement repulsive. It's a personal issue. I like BSD and other, simple licenses more, not so I could steal software under them, but because I feel better. (I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one on this side.) Though using them in proprietary projects don't hurt either. At least I can do so.

Sidenote: Not to mention that I'm not always comfortable with the quality of "fix it yourself" applications or libraries. (But I know others who won't touch anything open sourced at all for the same reason. I'm more liberal than that, I'd look it up and test it first).

In this very case with VLC, it was inferior to OPlayer (HD). Thus for me, nothing of value was lost. I don't mind paying its price to the developer, and most certainly I won't make a fuss over its source code.

I'm not buying a religion or a philosophy, I'm not supporting a brand or an evil tyranny and the brainwashing of the mass, and I don't want to buy myself homework. I'm just buying a device and an app that lets me watch videos easily. What's so wrong with that?

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