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Graphics, User Interfaces "GIMP 2.8 has been talked about for more than a year and back in January there was a GIMP 2.8 release schedule by Martin Nordholts that had set the final release for the 27th of December. That date has now passed and, sadly, this major update to this leading open-source graphics program is still not close to being released."
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RE: Reap what you sow
by vodoomoth on Mon 10th Jan 2011 23:52 UTC in reply to "Reap what you sow"
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Hey, I really do sympathize. I think it's retarded of a project manager or forum moderator to tell users to f*** off or to delete threads (I didn't say "posts"). Whatever way it's done, there's gonna be someone offended.

There's one thing that I lament, solely on the basis of my experience as a long-time Opera user and forum member: the fact that they seem to not listen to what users ask for or say. If you won't implement, just say why and/or express your stance; it won't do any harm. I've already said it here in a comment months ago and I've been lambasted by one of the reader who thought my example features were the most useless ever.

But I still think that communication with the users doesn't hurt a project. Of course, they don't get to dictate where the project goes or what feature is absolute priority but ultimately, all projects are to be used by users. They have their say in what is done for them, free software or not.

Digressing, I almost forgot my second idea: yes, you were unduly berated but it's no reason to wish the project harm or keep a grudge against them. It would be better to wish the ... (fill in the blank) who you had to deal with gets his hands full with whatever else and leaves the project. With this making news and the word spreading and people being shocked to know about the size of the staff as I have been, I wish some contributors would find in their life the time and dedication that this emblematic project needs.

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