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Hardware, Embedded Systems "While the availability of power in certain regions of the world cannot be solved by the OLPC, it can improve upon the power use of the XO Laptop. And with v1.75 they have managed to half that power use. The reason this has been made possible is the move to use an ARM rather than an x86 processor. So now rather than drawing 4 watts of power, the XO-1.75 draws 2 watts. The new chip being used is a 1GHz Armada 610 from Marvell." Update : Here are some clarifications regarding the use of ARM chips and Linux at OLPC.
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I have great trouble reading my Samsung Galaxy S (super AMOLED) screen in sunlight. My OLPC XOs (Pixel Qi) look fantastic and clear. You get triple the resolution (albeit at monochrome) in direct sunlight. That's comparable with e-ink.

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