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Legal "Between slagging each other off with cartoons [...] and taking each other to court over chipset licenses, there's been no love lost between NVIDIA and Intel over the past few years - but it looks like the war is over. The two companies just announced a new six-year cross-licensing deal that will see Intel paying NVIDIA a total of $1.5b over the next five years for access to NVIDIA's technology, while also giving NVIDIA a license to some of Intel's patents. The two companies have also agreed to drop all pending litigation, because you know, they're now friends who just exchanged a billion and half dollars."
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AMD and ARM looks stronger today
by s4nt1 on Tue 11th Jan 2011 07:17 UTC
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This agreement it´s a direct response to ARM and AMD.

ARM is kicking ass in the low power market. Seems like ATOM will not match ARM Cortex power/performance/price. Nvidia tegra chips will kill ATOM market.

AMD has Fusion on the market now. Sandy Bridge is not ready... Still Intel processors looks stronger but without a good Gpu they are only good for servers. And Nvidia just announced ARM chips for servers.

From the SW side, ARM runs any software in the Linux arena, iOS, Android and Chrome, and now, Windows will do as well.

Intel had no choice. It had to make up with Nvidia.

I believe that we have seats to the end of x86 ISA. At least to the end of the hegemony on the PC/Desktop market.

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