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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While everybody outside of the US has been able to mix and match iPhone and wireless operator, the iPhone was still tied to a single carrier in the US. Today, Verizon and Apple announced the much-hyped Verizon iPhone 4. While the rest of the world collectively yawns, this is good news for American consumers, since there will be more competition, and thus, more choice. Edit: Eh, the other way around. First choice, then competition.
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Over hyped
by robojerk on Tue 11th Jan 2011 18:29 UTC
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Sites have been keeping this hype machine going on for about two years now.

If anything I'm happy about iPhone now being on Verizon so sites like Engadget, BoyGeniusReport, WSJ, etc.. can now stop generating articles about the rumored iPhone on Verizon that contain no real substance but exist only to generate page views for revenue.

If you love iOS then this gives you choice between 2 monopolistic service providers. I love Android but Verizon has been so damn pushy about shoving their bloatware crap on their phones lately that if I weren't able to root my phone and remove such crap, I'd probably switch to iPhone just on the fact there's no VCast shit on it (for now).

Hopefully someday LTE phones be allowed to work with any LTE network in the U.S. as long if you have a SIM card. Yes Verizon is using SIM cards on newer LTE phones.

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