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Legal "A sampling of only 22 brands revealed that websites offering pirated digital content and counterfeit goods generate more than 53 billion visits per year, according to a study released today by MarkMonitor. [...] It is estimated that the annual worldwide economic impact of online piracy and counterfeiting reaches $200 billion. Among the study's findings were that 67 percent of sites suspected of hosting pirated content and 73 percent of sites categorized as 'counterfeit' were hosted in North America or Western Europe."
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nonsense again
by JoeBuck on Tue 11th Jan 2011 20:41 UTC
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These kinds of stories produce wildly inflated numbers, because they compute the amount of counterfeit goods being sold, or the number of illicit copies being made, and they imagine a world where everyone paid full list price for the authorized version. They ignore the fact that, even in the perfect copyright police state, people just don't have the money to give to them, and they also ignore discounts (publishers and distributors sell marked-down versions in less affluent areas or when the full-price goods aren't moving).

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