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Google The WebM project - a VP8 video stream and a Vorbis audio stream wrapped in a Matroska container re-branded as a WebM container - launched by Google, openly supported by every major chip maker, is going to be the major codec for Google's Chrome web browser. Yes, Google is dropping H264 support from the Chrome web browser.
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MPEG-LA licensing
by malxau on Tue 11th Jan 2011 23:34 UTC
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IIRC, MPEG-LA gave a royalty free license for non-commercial internet distributed video. There are still piles of other issues in their license, mostly now revolving around encoding, and particularly commercial encoding. Eugenia covered this last year ( ). And personally, I'm not reassured by assurances from MPEG-LA that contravene the text of their own licenses - the license is very clear about personal and non-commercial use, and this provision has found itself in all manner of commercial software and hardware.

Still, it's a bold move by google. Presumably they believe that youtube has enough share to pick the winner in the codec wars, because chrome really doesn't. I wonder if/when youtube will stop dual encoding as h264 + WebM?

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