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Legal Well, it would appear that Sony isn't particularly pleased with the fact that their console has been hacked into oblivion. It has officially filed suit against the fail0verflow hacker group and Geohot, after filing a temporary restraining order yesterday to try and remove the jailbreak information from the web (how cute).
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by shadoweva09 on Thu 13th Jan 2011 00:39 UTC in reply to "Pony"
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I don't know, Sony and Playstation seem to be a magnet for bad business decisions in this generation of consoles. Take the cell processor: It's highly unusual and started with little documentation or working programs. IBM also stopped making cells about a year ago, so when the PS4 comes out it will probably be even harder for it to have backwards compatibility with whatever chip it uses. 256MB main memory versus the 360's 512MB and PC's many GBs. With the unusual processor and limited memory we see things like Bioshock Infinite saying they're working on the PS3 version first to make it best on all platforms, but reading between the lines it seems PS3 is the least common denominator because of it's memory and processor. The only game out there that truly seems to use the PS3s capabilities seems to be Final Fantasy 13, and unfortunately it seems to be a case where they spent all their money on the game engine and forgot to make the game fun (pretty much all games these days seem to fall into some sort of trap where they spend money on game engines or online multi-player instead of the game being "fun" though).

Then one the reasons the PS2 had better games was their 3rd party support, but now Microsoft probably took that specialty away as business should be able to use visual studio and other Microsoft tools to speed up game development a lot for xbox.

Business decision wise Sony seems to be screwing up pretty badly these days. I dare say if the PS3 would have been their first console released on the Market, it would have failed by now.

Also note on that otherOS feature: the only real reason it was removed seems to be so they could save money by taking the hypervisor chip out of the slim and then disabling it on the old consoles so they only had to release one firmware update for all the consoles.

Edit: It's probably like the days of walkman CD players that were $100USD while every other player on the market was $30-40 and had the same features. Sony wanted to put out one superior thing and milk it for as much money for as long as possible, and in the console industry that's still possible for now.

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