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Linux "At the end of 2010, the 'open-source' software movement, whose activists tend to be fringe academics and ponytailed computer geeks, found an unusual ally: the Russian government. Vladimir Putin signed a 20-page executive order requiring all public institutions in Russia to replace proprietary software, developed by companies like Microsoft and Adobe, with free open-source alternatives by 2015."
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RE[4]: Comment by robojerk
by Laurence on Fri 14th Jan 2011 13:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by robojerk"
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"Steganography" is such a clear example that anyone can understand it, for example a program can embed secrets in a simple email! Inside typical images!

But then how are you going to e-mail that without building a micro-mail server? You can't guarantee that Outlook is going to be installed on those systems and nor would you want those e-mails logged on Exchange or any 3rd party SMTP / IMAP servers.

So you're now having to hope that network admins don't detect e-mail traffic from unauthorised mail servers.

I wouldn't expect every network admin to spot such traffic, but you can't argue that no administrators world-wide could have spotted it.

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