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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Despite the progress, ARM, which licenses its designs to chip makers, is keeping its focus on smartphones and tablets. The company's CEO, Warren East, sat down with the IDG News Service to discuss Windows, the PC market and future architecture developments."
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by Kochise on Sat 15th Jan 2011 09:43 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: INITALLY"
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Nope, memory segmentation is NOT what I would call a "gift". Sure, legacy x86 is pretty well documented, because absolutely not usable otherwise. New ARM chips (Cortex, MP) perhaps with the help of nVidia (Tegra 2) will leverage this "per-device basis" development process.

If ARM become more broad and mainstream, sure Wikis will consider the issues, OSDev will open a dedicated ARM section, and then what ? ARM chips provide so much more than x86 (registers, memory access, power consumption, ...) otherwise anyone would have instead a x86 in their dsl box, phone, game console, whatever...

ACPI is just of little interest, do not tell me wrong, otherwise anyone from the "community" would have shred the 700+ pages papers into well explained and/or documented pieces, just like the 250000+ leaked notes from Wikileaks. Just wonders why the former happened, but not the first ?


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