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Graphics, User Interfaces As an answer to someone asking whether Unity will require a working OpenGL stack to operate in Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal", Mark Shuttleworth announced that Canonical would offer an optional, QT-based, "2D" implementation of Unity. Here is a video, too.
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Trying Unity...
by Jason Bourne on Sat 15th Jan 2011 23:04 UTC
Jason Bourne
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Dude, I tried, I tried really hard to use Unity... We're almost on February and it DOES look a lot like the same thing back when people started previewing it and saying it would "change and turn into something completely different"...

Oh I doubt, I doubt...

And lemmetellya, I won't use this crap for anything in life! I would rather go back to Windows 7 than keep Ubuntu and use this. It certainly may look like Windows 7 taskbar but the whole MacOS inheritance shivers down my spine.

Looks like Linux Mint will be actually going #1 in, after a few months Ubuntu 11.04 is released!

Ubuntu, please... Shuttlef--kup!

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