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Mozilla & Gecko clones A mini-tempest has been raging across the web with anger at Mozilla for removing the RSS icon from the Firefox 4 toolbar by default (and moving it to the bookmarks menu). This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and I had avoided writing about it on OSNews since the recent furore is often cited to have begun around a personal blog post I wrote, but now things have come to an impasse: "No matter how loudly you shout, what you see in the beta with regard to the feed auto-discovery button is what will ship in Firefox 4". When Mozilla can say they are open to input, but refuse to change in the face of near universal disagreement, we all lose, not just me.
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RSS Icon
by kap1 on Sun 16th Jan 2011 14:11 UTC
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The RSS icon was one of my favourite firefox's features. Really don't understand why they thought it was a good idea to remove, none of the arguments in favour of removing it really stick.

Further it only showed up when there was a RSS feed available other wise that icon didn't even take up any screen space.

Its a much more important feature then say other buttons now on Firefox's interface (e.g. The Group Your Tabs Button).

Put it back Mozilla!

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