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Multimedia, AV I generally need a billion words to explain the problems inherit in the current copyright system. Joss Stone needs just one minute. "I don't care how you hear it - as long as you hear it." Can we please appoint Ms Stone as supreme overlord of the universe?
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RE: performing artists
by sparkyERTW on Mon 17th Jan 2011 18:18 UTC in reply to "performing artists"
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Dilemma is not all musicians or (artists in general) is performing artists.
If you can pay for it you should.

Agree on both accounts.

Industry statistics show 9 out of 10 bands fail and get's unsigned by their record companies.

Then let's make them not depend on record companies. Let's give artists opportunities to thrive and the ease to release their music themselves.

Sci fi movies has became very scarce

Dude, did you not see Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus?! (sorry, I couldn't resist; your point is taken ;) )

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