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Multimedia, AV I generally need a billion words to explain the problems inherit in the current copyright system. Joss Stone needs just one minute. "I don't care how you hear it - as long as you hear it." Can we please appoint Ms Stone as supreme overlord of the universe?
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RE[5]: performing artists
by sparkyERTW on Mon 17th Jan 2011 20:05 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: performing artists"
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Last time I checked (it was some years ago, though), it was easy to find dirt cheap to free high-quality audio software on the web (Audacity, REAPER, Kristal Audio Engine, and all the linux stuff, to name a few), but hardware remained quite costly. Examples : good dynamic mics started around 100€ each, preamps started at 100€, static mics at 300€, sound cards began around 100€, and active speakers were around 300-400€ if you were ready to go with some quirks like poor bass response. And that's without the hardware mixing stuff, which becomes quickly nice to have considering that low-end sound cards generally have only one or two stereo audio inputs...

I don't know if hardware prices in Europe are far worse than North America when it comes to recording gear, but 200€ could get you an 8in/8out audio interface with decent mic-preamps built-in. Same goes for some small powered monitors.

Check out a song or two on Jonathan Coulton's website ( from the thing-a-week series and give me your take on whether they are of good enough quality to make an actual album out of (which he has, by the way). I've read interviews with him discussing his home recording gear, and it's pretty reasonable stuff all-in-all.

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