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Apple "Apple sold 4.13 million Macs during the quarter, a 23 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter. The Company sold 16.24 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 86 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 19.45 million iPods during the quarter, representing a seven percent unit decline from the year-ago quarter. The Company also sold 7.33 million iPads during the quarter."
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RE[2]: I remember...
by kryogenix on Wed 19th Jan 2011 02:54 UTC in reply to "RE: I remember..."
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Just as there are you who love Apple, there are people like me who despise everything Apple.

What exactly is there to despise? Did Steve Jobs personally pee in your cornflakes? Your just like the other sheep who use Windows cuz MS strongarmed every PC manufacturer into making it the only OS they could ship on their equipment.

Because I grew up in a very MS-Centric world (excluding using acorns at primary school), I had no idea what Apple was until OS X.

See above, your parents probably bought a PC cuz they were cheap and came with a half-functional MacOS knockoff GUI pasted on top of DOS.

Meanwhile folks like me used Atari 8-bits and ST's and my richer friends had Amigas or obscure expensive UNIX workstations like Sun3's. All of which kicked the PC's ass on every front except cheap openness.

Congratulations, cheap commodity shit won while the real innovators died.

I have taken it upon myself to learn about the past of this company I loathe so whole-heartedly, but it does not change how I view the company, or their products.

Other than an arrogant, often ignorant userbase, what is there to hate about the Mac? I'm no Jobs or iPhone fan but Apple makes good stuff on the desktop.

As for actual functionality, the OSX GUI layer beats the hell out of X-Windows for most use cases no matter what desktop environment you slap on X. I use X for what it was designed for, network transparent apps. For desktop multimedia, graphics and pro audio work, OSX is far better.

For the record, there's been a couple similar window systems to OSX's on top of UNIX in the past. Sun NeWS comes to mind. So does NeXTstep (because OSX IS NEXTSTEP).

I love GNU/Linux (specifically, KDE desktops), so I prefer having options.
I grew up using windows, and am used to having near-unlimited options for everything, which I have found are even less limited under GNU/Linux.

Don't care what whiz-bang options or apps you have, if your platform sucks, it sucks. The PC sucks. It always has compared to the competition. It succeeded because noone ever got fired for buying IBM and they were relatively cheap when the clones hit.

Apple strive to lock everything down, make everything bend to their will, and do everything in one way and one way only.

Only on iOS, my mac isn't locked down. If I don't like something I can rip it out and find a substitute. I can't change the GUI theme but that's a GOOD thing. Means all my apps will be consistent looking with no strange artifacts due to some developer assuming a button will only be so many pixels tall or the background will always be white when my theme could easily vary.

Because of how Apple restrict their users, doing everything in a way that I do not like, not having support for anything other than the default theme in versions later than tiger

What don't you like? And besides, how do you know you don't like it if you haven't used it for a while.

There's a lot I can do in the mac UI that simply CANNOT be done in Windows or X due to the deeply object oriented UI and system services available to ALL apps for FREE with no additional coding effort.

, not allowing a win-7 style dockbar, etc, I find myself very uncomfortable and irritated at the Apple desktop, because I prefer the KDE way of doing things (and, to a lesser extent, the windows way).

Um, NeXT invented the dock back in 1988 and Apple refined it. MS ripped it off. You really have lived under a rock for the last 2 decades haven't you?

KDE is like an odd cross between the Winblows and OSX UI. I will give you the fact it's highly configurable but keeping apps consistently looking right with various themes is hard work and rarely done correctly. Plasma is also neat but Plasma was inspired by Dashboard in OSX. In fact, the whole 3D GPU-accelerated UI layer and compositing was inspired by OSX.

This hatred is only amplified when I see Apple taking from the FOSS community, refusing to give back more than they are required in order to continue using FOSS and screwing over the FOSS community.

Umm.... Apple is almost solely responsible for making KHTML/WebKit NOT suck. You as a KDE fan should certainly know that as your favorite KDE browsers are WebKit based. I remember Konqueror in KDE 2.0 on my 233mhz Pentium sucking in major ways compared to Mozilla back then.

Don't believe everything you read from Slashdot idiots who weren't even born until 10 years after I got my first computer.

Apple's FOSS contributions are FAR greater than Microsoft's yet you like them.

Apple takes more than they give from FOSS. Show me a leading commercial vendor that doesn't. Red Hat and Canonical don't count.

I see them releasing inferior products like the iPhone, mandating their walled-garden, which is almost as bad as Sony in some ways, and worse in others, and I see nothing of the legend I have heard from the past.

How is the iPhone inferior, it has the slickest most responsive UI I've seen on a phone yet. The lack of full multitasking was purposeful (and really an illusion). Under the hood, the iPhone has EXCELLENT hardware for its class.

I agree with not liking the walled garden which is why I'm an android user and not an iPhone user. I vote with my feet instead of bitching about something I probably can't afford anyway.

As far as the mac app store goes, you are not locked into it. It's an option. If all the vendors go that way, you'll still have piratebay and cracked app store downloads.

I miss the openness of early Apple hardware and loathed how closed the 68k and early NuBus PPC macs were but later PPC macs used PCI and newer macs are just PC's with a slight change in keyboard layout, one button mouse and EFI. BIOS is dead, EFI is the future on PC's too, Apple was just the first to jump in, like how they introduced USB to the masses.

For the record, newer macs are so open they run Windows and Linux too! WOW! There is nothing closed about mac hardware. If you want a mac with slots and lots of interchangable goodies in slots, you have to buy an expensive Mac Pro but the reality is, most users never do as even Apple's crappiest integrated video option is more than enough for all but the heaviest of use cases. There's plenty on flat-panel PC's similar to the iMac and mini-ITX boxes similar to a mini.

The only reason there was ANY real innovation in PC hardware was because Apple was brave enough to do it first.

Apparently, Apple used to be about being different, about offering options for alternative folk, about standing up in the face of goliath.

Not as much anymore. And they haven't been that way since the late 70's, early 80's maybe. They are about making cool things and making money. And for the record, WINDOWS is the alternative. MacOS predates Windows by quite a bit, MS didn't have something near on par for about a decade. The Atari ST/TT and the Commodore Amiga were the only real mac competition on the GUI-based system front for a long time.

Now, I see nothing more than the third incarnation of IBM, seeking to dominate and subdue its users, squeezing every ounce of profit from them through a model of planned obsolescence.

So you stick it to the man by using a cheap IBM clone which a single vendor, MS, has a chokehold on the entire platform.

Every manufacturer and commercial vendor does this. Welcome to capitalism freetard.

For now, I support google (and to a lesser extent, canonical; Mark is being very Jobsian but at least Kubuntu is still nice).
Even Microsoft seems less evil than Apple these days.

Google is pretty neat.

Apple is evil when it comes to iOS but the mac isn't near as locked down as you think.

Apple is approaching MS on the evilness scale to a point. I would like to see OSX opened up a bit to make it easier to run on non-Apple hardware and sell it on more shelves. I run OSX on a cheap box I put together for $300 and it runs flawlessly.

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