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Windows "Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, hinted that Microsoft is trying to unify their operating systems into one OS that runs from phone to the desktop, his remark raising questions on Windows and Windows Phone 7's future." Obviously, the Windows Phone 7 userland probably runs just as fine on Windows NT as it does on Windows CE, so I honestly don't get the issue here.
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Unified to an extent
by Ravyne on Wed 19th Jan 2011 06:32 UTC
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My prediction is that the core (Kernel and other absolute necessities) will be merged across all the consumer-facing, server, and higher-end embedded stuff -- and mostly the UI will distinguish between them. This is definitely good for consumers and for developers. Now if we can convince them to adopt fewer SKUs, we'd be in good shape -- maybe Datacenter/HPC, Server, Business, and Home. Then non-retail SKUs for home servers and media centers.

I predict that they'll keep CE around for non-user-oriented embedded devices, and shift its focus towards real-time systems. Windows CE certainly scale down much further than NT (and, IIRC, can be made to work without an MMU) so its the right fit for some small purpose-built systems.

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