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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu De kogel is door de kerk. After years of focussing entirely on Gtk+ and GNOME, Ubuntu will finally start evaluating Qt applications for inclusion in the defaukt Ubuntu installation. Mark Shuttleworth announced the policy change on his blog today.
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RE[4]: Talk about arrogance
by emilsedgh on Wed 19th Jan 2011 09:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Talk about arrogance"
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Just because shuttleworth is letting Qt applications into Ubuntu, it doesnt mean its a good thing for intergration between desktops.

This is what exactly happened:
Qt is now far far ahead of GTK+.
Ubuntu wants to use Qt more.
They do the fastest and cheapest approach, which is also the one that has no cooperation with others.

What happens isnt very sad. We will probably see a few Qt applications which depend on something like libqdconf or something like that.

But the issue is, they could've done much more. They could've helped on a new standard on FD.o for managing settings. But they decided not to.

Please dont tell me that something designed by commite isnt going to work. FD.o standards have worked pretty awesome in the past few years. Its just that shuttleworth and ubuntu kids want FAST results. which isnt the best possible result.

And this is very very insulting:

But I think it’s entirely plausible that dconf, once it has great Qt bindings, be considered by the KDE community.

You see, KDE people had KConfig which is a pluggable settings system for years. And they consider it as a superior technology. Then suddenly someone jumps inbetween and suggests them to use dconf so they could be more intergrated.

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