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Windows "Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, hinted that Microsoft is trying to unify their operating systems into one OS that runs from phone to the desktop, his remark raising questions on Windows and Windows Phone 7's future." Obviously, the Windows Phone 7 userland probably runs just as fine on Windows NT as it does on Windows CE, so I honestly don't get the issue here.
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On: Who cares ... ?
by pica on Wed 19th Jan 2011 10:25 UTC in reply to "Shot in foot"
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... Who cares if its Windows (i.e. an NT core) - the users don't. They want an experience ...

The developers care. If smartphones and tablets use the same platform as PCs and Servers, code can be used on all classes of devices. At the moment writing an application for WinCE and writing an application for WinNT are two different shoes.

Additionally porting existing PC applications to tablets or smartphone becomes easier. Just add a new view and you are done.

As a result more application will be available for tablets and smartphones. Which is a win for the users.

I think unifying on WinNT will be a big win. Not just for Microsoft. It is a win for the users, for the developers and for Microsoft.


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