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Games "StarCraft, one of the most popular games ever made, also serves as the perfect proving ground for artificial intelligence. Here's the inside story of how a Berkeley team won the world's first StarCraft AI competition with code that can beat even pro-level human players."
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Old news...
by madgabz on Wed 19th Jan 2011 18:06 UTC
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What exactly is new here?
We've had bots for years now... any1 remember the Quake Bots? Thats where the whole 'bot-business' (yeye, u can have a laugh at that! ;) ) took off, and those bots ALSO had to take care of several things at the same time (so-called multitasking)
Whats interesting is the amount of effort it takes to emulate (well, really, its simulate, but you can ponder the difference ;) ) a human player!

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