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Games "StarCraft, one of the most popular games ever made, also serves as the perfect proving ground for artificial intelligence. Here's the inside story of how a Berkeley team won the world's first StarCraft AI competition with code that can beat even pro-level human players."
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RE: Old news...
by TechGeek on Wed 19th Jan 2011 20:06 UTC in reply to "Old news..."
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You are completely missing the point. Its one thing to create a fps bot where reflexes count as much as anything. There, the computer has a huge advantage. Its quite another thing to build a bot that plays a strategy game where quickness counts for very little. Not to mention, this AI had three main tasks (outlined in the article) not just combat like a fps. This is quite an impressive showing. Also note, that while the short term goal is to beat a human, the real competition is beating the other AI's.

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