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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu De kogel is door de kerk. After years of focussing entirely on Gtk+ and GNOME, Ubuntu will finally start evaluating Qt applications for inclusion in the defaukt Ubuntu installation. Mark Shuttleworth announced the policy change on his blog today.
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RE: Kick Shuttleworth to the curb
by ple_mono on Thu 20th Jan 2011 02:40 UTC in reply to "Kick Shuttleworth to the curb"
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Oracle is considered the evil empire of Linuxland and yet they contribute more to the kernel (btrfs).

So that is how you measure worthiness in "Linuxland"? That shouldn't be an obligation. You do what you do best, and i do what i do best. As long as it's free, who cares.

The word Linux is not on the Ubuntu website

What kind of ass doesn't mention Linux on a website for a Linux based operating system? Compare it to Oracle:

So what? It's not on the front page. Anyone that's interested can find out for themselves.
I don't put my moms name on my shirt, so people know where i come from. If they're so interested, they can ask. Seriously.

Shuttleworth wants to turn the Linux desktop into a purple Mac junior. You guys gave him a fair chance and all he has done is wrap a debian distro in marketing.

Yes. And I like it. Good for me?

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