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Privacy, Security, Encryption "In 2010, exploited Java vulnerabilities outpaced the exploit of Adobe Reader and Acrobat," Landesman, senior security researcher at Cisco, said. "Java was 3.5 times more frequently exploited than were malicious PDFs. That really spells out the need for paying attention to what's making the headlines but also paying attention to the types of things that aren't making the headlines."
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RE: update java
by Delgarde on Thu 20th Jan 2011 21:58 UTC in reply to "update java"
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Newer versions *do* auto-update, just like Firefox or any other decent modern software.

But I imagine it's a big issue for the corporate world, who are more likely to be running ancient Java versions for support reasons. I know I just found an issue with the ancient 1.4 version one of our clients are running - it's fixed in newer versions, but they don't want to pay to get things certified.

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