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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu De kogel is door de kerk. After years of focussing entirely on Gtk+ and GNOME, Ubuntu will finally start evaluating Qt applications for inclusion in the defaukt Ubuntu installation. Mark Shuttleworth announced the policy change on his blog today.
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RE[2]: Talk about arrogance
by phoenix on Fri 21st Jan 2011 19:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Talk about arrogance"
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The beauty of open source development is it's largely an evolution rather than design.

The biggest problem with open-source development is that it's largely evolution rather than design.

For it to work people need to let go of the notion that there's only one good way of doing things. We need to let people do what they think is the best to do, encourage them to do different thing.

Which is fine, so long as there is a vision of what the end product should look like. Re-doing things every 6 months because it doesn't work is no way to run a software project. There needs to be some kind of framework, plan, whatever, and not just "try X; fail; try Y; fail; Try Z; mostly works; Try Q; almost works; try A; works; try B; works better" ad nauseum.

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