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Google "Sometimes the sheer wrongness of what is posted on the web leaves us speechless. Especially when it's picked up and repeated as gospel by otherwise reputable sites like Engadget. 'Google copied Oracle's Java code, pasted in a new license, and shipped it', they reported this morning. Sorry, but that just isn't true."
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by malxau on Sat 22nd Jan 2011 03:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Radio"
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"Google can remove the infriging files at once and Android will still run fine, but Oracle is going to win the case.

But, Oracle still has to prove they willfully intended to violate the copyright... (which could definitely still happen)...

Why? AFAIK willful copyright infringement attracts higher damages awards, including statutory damages, but copyright infringement can still occur whether the act is willful or not. Oracle wins either way. The question now is all about damages.

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