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Google "Sometimes the sheer wrongness of what is posted on the web leaves us speechless. Especially when it's picked up and repeated as gospel by otherwise reputable sites like Engadget. 'Google copied Oracle's Java code, pasted in a new license, and shipped it', they reported this morning. Sorry, but that just isn't true."
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by Praxis on Sat 22nd Jan 2011 05:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Radio"
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well a lawsuit between two companies as big as google and oracle is going to cost a hell of a lot of money win or lose. So how much money you can get from an infringement is a huge issue. They need something much much bigger than a small one time infringement in non-shipping code. They want something they can use to get a piece of every android device sold. Otherwise the cost/benefit analysis of their case doesn't work out. Remember the legal costs of this case may very well reach the level of 100 hundreds of millions of dollars (numbers based off the viacom/youtube suit) So they need something that will make them more than that. This is not it.

I'm still betting this ends in settlement though.

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