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Gnome "The GNOME Project launches the new GNOME 3 website that brings you all the latest news about the new desktop of the same name. The new GNOME 3 website walks the curious as well as the new and seasoned GNOME user through all that the new GNOME 3 desktop is."
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the new GDM
by alcibiades on Sun 23rd Jan 2011 10:10 UTC
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I was rendered almost speechless with fury at the new version of GDM. The old version had all the configuration conveniently available to you with a click. That was the main, maybe the only, reason for preferring it to xdm. So I do a new install for someone of PCLinux Gnome, and discover this thing with zero configuration options.

What on earth are these people doing? Just when you get used to using some convenient functionality, they take it out. Its worse than Apple.

So, feeling that if this was what they were going to do one might as well go properly minimalist and get rid of the bloat, I put in xdm. If you don't want to set up remote working, preferences, auto login all that stuff, then xdm is fine, fast and minimal. But we already had it. So why are they first writing something with all kinds of quite convenient functions all in one place, and then taking it all out again to make it into xdm?

These people are completely mad. Then you have the other madness in the KDE lot who made a perfectly decent desktop into something basically unusable for no reason anyone can explain.

I know, its all free....

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