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GNU, GPL, Open Source Richard Hillesley has written about the fate of various Sun open source projects since that firm's acquisition by Oracle. He noticeably quotes Oracle CEO Larry Ellison as having said "If an open source product gets good enough, we'll simply take it."
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It's just in the world we live in... everything is based upon you having continuous cash flow. Everyone protects their trade and cashflow (doctors, lawyers, teachers, auto workers...).

I know a lot of people have already chimed in on this in various ways, but I wanted to include my 2 cents as well. As a former health care professional and now an instructor for various pharmacy classes I can safely say that the best way I protect my cash flow is by being good at what I do. There is nothing top secret about how I teach.

I post all my presentations and lecture notes on-line for my students including the occasional video of some of my lectures. I use relatively few textbooks as health care changes so rapidly that it is hard to keep most textbooks current. I do use a textbooks for pharmacy math, but I am in the process of switching over to my own math book that I'm developing under the GPL (you can find it at ).

My students and my director give me very good reviews every semester and I would argue that my teaching style and lecture material is definitely based on the principles of F/OSS. Therefore, I can argue that F/OSS protects my cash flow and I would wager that many other professionals could chime in on the importance of transparency provided by such methodologies.

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