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Linux In order to celebrate the release of Pardus 2011, here's a review of it by LinuxUser, which quickly shows the small touches and attention to details which make this Turkish distribution so special and explains what's new in this release.
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by UltraZelda64 on Sun 23rd Jan 2011 23:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by alinandrei"
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Hate to bring bad news, but...

I am running Pardus 2011 right now. The installer, while having a well-designed GUI for the most part and giving a good first impression, crashed a couple times--every time after getting past the partitioning stage, after it asks you if you're sure to format. [Of course, the first time was enough to nuke the drive.] It left me looking at a terminal each time.

The first time was *right* after formatting and basically as soon as it begun to copy files over. The second time the partitions were already made, but I chose to reformat just to make sure the filesystems were OK and clean, overall did far fewer modifications. Where this failed was right over halfway through the installation process, right around 50% though; after copying all files and starting to configure the packages. I suspect the "screensaver" is to blame here, because the screen went black, I moved the mouse/pressed a key to wake it up, and next thing I know I'm looking at the terminal. Third (or fourth? Can't remember) time was the charm.

Once installed, though, the OS is quite nice and polished... for the most part. My only annoyances are that I do not like the included Firefox 4 beta, and--as I expected--KDE4 has the system swapping more (and faster) than is comfortable. Oh, and the distro automatically assumes that the system clock is set to local time, which mine is not, causing the time to be 5 hours into the future, and searching Google and KDE's settings returned no useful results to fix this. The potentially-useful result from Google I found involved going to a place in KDE's settings which seems to no longer exist. Also, I recall Kaptan used to change each setting after hitting "Next", allowing you to try it out and hit "Back" to change if you don't like it. It seems that no settings are changed now until the very end, which complicates this process and makes it more difficult to decide on selections.

So... moral of the story: Try not to do anything too crazy with the installer if you want to try this distro (ie. maybe have your partitions already set up so very little needs to be done aside from selecting and formatting them) and move the mouse every once in a while to avoid the screen from blanking. Then again, you never know--you might have better luck with your hardware.

Between the trouble with the VM and the trouble getting the installer to work, as well as the unnecessarily early switch to FF4 and the system clock problems, I can unfortunately say that I am overall pretty disappointed with this release. ;)

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