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GNU, GPL, Open Source Richard Hillesley has written about the fate of various Sun open source projects since that firm's acquisition by Oracle. He noticeably quotes Oracle CEO Larry Ellison as having said "If an open source product gets good enough, we'll simply take it."
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by jimmy1971 on Mon 24th Jan 2011 03:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by jimmy1971"
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For one thing, Richard Stallman would never make any claims for open source. (He's notoriously picky about wording. He would claim free software is a right.)

In any case, when I refer to software freedom being a right, I'm not talking about a right enshrined in a constitution, but a legal right asserted by the user through the use of software licensed under the GPL, BSD or some similar free or open source software license. Because I feel I have a moral right to read and modify source code, as well as share modified or unmodified versions of it, I stick with free and open source software.

With closed-source software, such as Microsoft Windows, you have no legal rights, only obligations, if you choose to use it. A free operating system such as GNU/Linux or FreeBSD, on the other hand, enables the user to follow a different path.

As for business models...who cares? People (and groups of people) write software for a variety reason. In the FOSS world, the motivation is usually to address one's own technological needs, to learn by doing, or to simply scratch an itch. Whether or not they make money from it, free software contributors already feel they're being rewarded for their involvement.

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