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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Although the Tegra 2 chip with integrated dual-core processor has recently been released, NVIDIA is already poised to announce its successor at the Mobile World Congress next month. According to Mike Rayfield of NVIDIA, Tegra 3 may incorporate a quad-core processor with main focus of supporting Android smartphones and tablet PCs."
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by Earl C Pottinger on Mon 24th Jan 2011 15:17 UTC in reply to "RE: not new"
Earl C Pottinger
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Depends which OS you use. Like you said most users are with setups where they see little benefit from more than 2 CPUs but for a number of Linux-Heads who tune thier systems or people like me using Haiku-OS the gains are there.

I paid more for my Toshiba Netbook than a number of other models out there because I get 8-10 hours use on battery, and even that can be a too short at times.

An easy to carry machine that can run 24+ hours on a single charge is worth it to me and others.

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