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Windows "A class action lawsuit against Microsoft has been filed in Italy by a group claiming that it's too difficult to procure a refund for the copies of Windows that come bundled in new PCs."
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RE: The difference
by jimmy1971 on Tue 25th Jan 2011 20:58 UTC in reply to "The difference"
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In addition to taking your business to stores that don't force-feed you Windows -- such as some "mom 'n pop" outfits in my area -- there is always the option of buying second-hand.

Linux- and BSD-based operating systems tend to be less demanding of hardware resources, so an older machine can go much further without bloated commercial offerings weighing it down. (Even more to the point, NetBSD users already know they could probably get their OS running on a soggy cardboard box with a dead squirrel in it.)

Also, this is a better environmental choice, and allows you to not reward whatever third world sweatshop manufactured the machine.

Perhaps the above is indicative of the basic mindset differential between proprietary and FOSS. With proprietary systems, the hardware has to conform to the OS. With FOSS systems, the OS is meant to be adjusted, modified and/or reduced to your system's needs.

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