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AMD "AMD has announced its support of Open GL 4.1 on Microsoft and Linux platforms in its latest driver release for a number of its graphics cards. The driver release, available on the AMD website for the ATI FirePro, ATI FireGl and AMD Radeon cards, will support OpenGL 4.1 for Microsoft's Windows 7, Vista, XP, as well as Linux."
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in some cases In one case: world of padman. Not in plural. And that is a really poor case, too. Geesh that thing is hideous.

Well, the optimisations have only just begun.

Here is a new one coming up for glx, which sits above the drivers in the Xorg stack, and therefore will improve all Xorg drivers, not just ATI/AMD:

You start adding 20% optimisation here for page-flipping support in the linux 2.6.38 kernel, and then another 20% there in glx for "decoding the opcode into the appropriate index into the dispatch tables" (whatever that means), and another 30% improvement by using the Gallium3D drivers versus the classic Mesa drivers, and pretty soon you have overtaken fglrx without really trying.

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